Intenzivni tečaj angleščine

DCA Rudnik, 11. – 15. septmeber 2023

In the middle of september the DCA Rudnik ( daily center of activities for elderly people) offered us an advanced english course. We immediately and gladly grabbed it. Five days a week, two hours per day, we have tried to improve a little bit of our knowledge. Learning in a group seems also much more effective. We started our meeting with reading a poem, translated it and discussed it. The atmosphere during the class was relaxed, because Tajda offered us a variety of fun games and
encouraged us to use our imagination. Through playing and not taking learning too serious, getting new skills is much easier.
We also went to the center of Ljubljana and pretended that we are tourists in our own town. We spoke with people from different countries, who all came her from different reasons: to attend the concert in Stožice, to go sight-seeing, we also spoke to  the sellers in the market… They all were astonished and very satisfied with their visit in Ljubljana. It was a very interesting experience.

We would like to continue with such leaning during the course of next months.
Thank you for very interesting english week.

Meta, member of DCA